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Top Tools to Organize Your Office

Everyone has their own unique system of working, delivering results to their clients, and keeping their office organized and in place. But we’re all guilty of this at one time or another: the organized mess: “Of course, my office is organized. It’s just an organized mess. I have it under control.” 

According to several experts, this notorious statement is 100% false. Clutter of any kind clouds the brain and in turn, it causes a lack of productivity. This is particular true for your office, and eventually that clutter prevents you from getting the job done. Organized clutter is still clutter – it’s better to handle the organizing process before it becomes an issue.

If you feel like you aren’t producing at the level you need to be, take a look around your space. If your office clutter is to the point where organizing seems like a daunting task, it’s time to take charge and organize your space. Here are some tips, tools and gadgets to help get the job done.

Work Smarter: Office Organization Tools

Standing Desk. Feeling stir-crazy? Switch things up with a standing desk. This helps with your posture, flexibility and other issues that arise from sitting for too long. Additionally, switching your work position – even within your office – can help you switch gears when you need to move onto the next task.

standing desk for office

Wireless Mouse or Apple Trackpad. Wires get tangled up far too easily when you have dozens of monitors, cable wires and connectors on your desk. Check out one of the wireless duel keyboard – mouse sets if you’re a Windows user. For team Mac, of course, the trackpad is a must.

apple trackpad keyboard combo

Bluetooth Speakers.
Whether it’s an audiobook, webinar, or your favorite playlist, listening to something motivating is a must for many freelancers. The Jam Bluetooth speaker is a personal favorite – this speaker can be as loud as you want, or as quiet. It’s easy to use and compatible with basically every Bluetooth-enabled device. The best feature is its durability – especially for beach loving Bridgeworks members. This speaker lasts forever without any problems, whether it gets filled with sand or dropped on the office floor.jam-bluetooth-speaker



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