Coworking in the summertime — The top 5 advantages

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Corporate 9-5 life in The City sure is glamorous—that is until NY Summer kicks in. More corporations and city-based organizations are offering their workers increased schedule flexibility for summer months, specifically the option for a coworking space membership.

The year-round benefits of these shared workspaces speak for themselves, like increased employee happiness and networking opportunities, to name a few. But if your business is still looking for a good reason to allow your staff a coworking option, summertime might just be your golden opportunity. Here’s why…

1. Easier work/life balance

With just shy of a couple million people commuting into Manhattan every single business day via car, bus, or train, it’s safe to say there’s the possibility for an office closer to home. Working from home or WFH has officially been ruled out as the way to give employees a nice work life balance for a number of reasons, starting with the plethora of distractions it comes with. A great compromise is a local coworking space on Long Island! (or wherever on the city’s outskirts they may live). Less time commuting means more time for life, and the things you enjoy doing.

2. Less Stress

Cubicle layouts and open offices in the corporate world do us no favors when it comes to stress and anxiety. Increased internal competition, less natural light, and monotonous daily regimens are proven to take a serious toll on your mental health and overall wellbeing. Coworking spaces immediately alleviate the competitive atmosphere found in traditional offices and replace it with a friendly, collaborative community.

3. It actually feels like…Summer!

It’s only natural to feel just a little bit less productive in summer months, according to science. More social gatherings, parties, and vacations are all on the table from MDW in late May to LDW in early September. More schedule flexibility and a “work getaway” to a cool coworking space is all your team needs to soak up the relaxed joys of summer, while still staying on top of deadlines.

4. High-rise vs. Beach Vibes

Tough call really…NOT. Coworking spaces tend to boast unbeatable locations, like beach-side for instance. Nothing says summer like after-work surfing or beach volleyball in Long Beach. These prime coworking spaces are also notorious for hosting more networking events and fun social activities for your team to unwind with. Work hard, play hard is our motto…especially in summertime.

5. It’s Actually Good for your Business

We’ve already covered how coworking spaces are proven to increase employee satisfaction and reduce stress. What many people don’t know is that they actually increase productivity and quality of work as well. Unlike allowing your employees to WFH or telecommute from their local Starbucks, coworking spaces keep you accountable. The shared workspace is buzzing with motivated individuals, there to get s*@% done too. Plus, a change of scenery while doing work is a surefire way to get some new creative ideas flowing. Let your employees get inspired in a coworking space!

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