How Much Office Space Do You Really Need?

Whether your small business is just an incubating idea waiting to hatch, or an up-and-running enterprise with real clients and revenue, you will eventually have to think about acquiring an official office space. Setting up headquarters at home may work for a while, with your local coffee shop as an alternative venue when you need a change of scenery. But when it comes to collaborating with your team or meeting with clients, a more professional work environment becomes necessary.

For many, the idea of taking on the responsibilities of a long-term lease, furnishing and decorating an office, and plunking down deposits for utilities and wifi can be daunting. And let’s not forget cleaning, office supplies and equipment, and countless incidental expenses that come with running a business out of a leased space. Moreover, available office spaces may be too large for your immediate needs, or not large enough to accommodate growth.

So how much space do you really need?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The nature of your business: If the majority of your business in conducted online, you may be able to get by with a fairly small space with basic amenities. But if you hold regular meetings, create large projects or have a lot of client traffic, you will need a larger space with amenities like a conference and media room, and a kitchen or break room.  
  • The size of your team: If you are your own boss and no one else’s, a small office space will more than suffice. But if you have partners and employees who convene on a daily basis, you will need enough space to give everyone some elbow room.
  • Your need for conference and meeting rooms: Early morning brainstorming sessions, weekly meetings and conferences with investors call for a large space where everyone can sit comfortably and communicate. You may need an office suite with both private workspaces and a communal conference space.
  • The importance of extra amenities: In addition to your monthly rent, the expenses for your office space will include utilities, wifi, telephone, office supplies and equipment, and desks and other furniture. If you want more amenities like a reception area, kitchen facilities, mail service, cleaning services and more, you will need a larger space.

The Perfect Office Space at Bridgeworks

When it comes to office space, we understand that quality matters. That’s why we feature a variety of workspace options to meet your needs, with flexible and affordable membership plans that won’t demolish your budget. Choose from a shared co-working space, a small private office, or an executive suite for your team. Our work spaces are furnished and decorated, and we offer all the amenities you need to work productively and present a professional image. Contact Bridgeworks for a tour today, and find the perfect workspace for your company’s needs.

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