The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Space Sharing

coworking spaces and shared offices

With a skyrocketing remote worker population and horrifying cost of office real estate these days, coworking spaces and shared offices are on their way to taking over the world.

And while these trendy workspaces may be defying the norms of traditional offices, they are certainly not exempt from traditional office norms. In fact, we’d like to think they have their own set of “do’s and don’ts” that come along with the unique method of collaboration.

The Do’s

Clean up after yourself

Coworking offices are notorious for fostering creativity and productivity – but it can undoubtedly be tough to stay on task in a messy workplace. Like any office, it just makes for a better environment when you are considerate of others and adhere to the golden rule. Clean up your clutter and put shared office supplies back in their designated place. Throw out your own trash and wipe down surfaces for the next person, too. Small courtesies like these go a long way.

Network away

Coworking spaces are great for all sorts of networking. Take advantage of your space’s offered events, workshops, and socials to make the most of this shared office perk. It’s equally important to simply be friendly around the office and get to know your fellow coworkers—you never know when you’re sitting next to a new client, partner, investor, or friend!

Sharing is caring

Beyond tangible items like an extra set of headphones someone may be in need of, coworking spaces are fantastic for sharing ideas and advice. If you’re a talented graphic design freelancer, don’t hesitate to impart your creative wisdom with an entrepreneur looking for some branding inspo. Shared office spaces are home to a wide variety of trades and skill-sets, so share your ideas and you’ll likely get plenty back.

Replace what you finish

If the printer needs more paper or a fresh pot of coffee is in order, fill it up. It’s as easy as that!


The Don’ts

Let everyone in on your phone call

Nothing is more distracting (or annoying) as someone who takes noisy business or personal calls in the communal spaces of the office. Phone etiquette is universal – if you need to raise your voice at all, step into a designated private office space or outside. Be respectful of what’s happening in the collaborative workspace and remember it’s also used by your space’s members to hold client meetings, prepare for an important presentation, study, and brainstorm with fellow coworkers.

Over estimate your space needs

If you’re flying solo on a project for the day, the 12-person conference room is probably not the most ideal workspace for you. Shared offices pride themselves in flexibility and providing you with options. Private, 1-person offices in Long Island, executive suites, presentation rooms, in-house cafés and communal spaces are all at your finger tips. Know your space requirements and locate accordingly.

Overdo the scents

Sharing may be caring, but your fragrances do not apply here. Perfumes, colognes, and food can all be a source of serious distraction and work quality detriment in a shared office space. Be mindful of your coworkers’ sensitivities and keep it mellow. If you eat in the office, choose mild foods or take a lunch break outside.

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