Eight Prosperous Companies with Roots in CoWorking Spaces

When a new enterprise can’t afford to buy or rent traditional offices, co-working spaces often provide a desirable solution.

How does it work?

Several companies’ employees and independent contractors share a single office facility. Unless businesses pay extra for dedicated desks, multiple workers use the same workstations at different times. The concept has helped many well-known firms achieve success:

1. Indiegogo

This world-famous internet company first appeared about nine years ago. It helps entrepreneurs raise money to launch new businesses and products. People use Indiegogo in almost every nation, and members have collected over $1 billion in total funding. Among other things, it has supplied cash for innovative projects that deliver basic services to citizens of developing countries.

2. Arcweb

A thriving Philadelphia software firm started its work at one of the Keystone State’s major coworking facilities. In a recent endeavor, Arcweb adapted a three-dimensional printing application so that people could access it under a wide range of operating systems. The company has completed projects for several top corporations, such as Comcast, DirecTV and Capital One.

3. Uber

This transportation service uses a smartphone app to help connect drivers with passengers. Uber’s independent contractors serve customers in dozens of countries and over 500 cities. They offer a faster alternative to conventional taxi companies. Some of the largest technology and financial investment firms have helped fund Uber. Its top competitors include Curb and Lyft.

  • Conducts background checks on new drivers
  • App tells contractors where to find customers
  • Takes a percentage of the fare for each trip

4. Haven

This Indiana-based company briefly used a coworking space, but it soon became prosperous enough to acquire its own offices. Members sign up to receive helpful home maintenance reminders on Haven’s website or application. When necessary, the system also suggests reputable home improvement and repair contractors.

5. Timehop

This well-known application lets users view their Facebook messages and photos from any specific date. It provides an easy way for people to recall what they did in the past. The firm that created this software maintains headquarters in New York City. Its founder continues to praise and promote the coworking concept.

  • Travel through time on Facebook
  • Highly popular among social media users
  • Look up trips, holidays and events

6. Wanderfly

In 2011, a new travel website introduced a different way to plan vacations. It used personal profile data to suggest trips that suited travelers’ preferences and spending limits. Four co-founders and a few staff members worked together to run the business. After only a year, TripAdvisor acquired Wanderfly and began to adopt some of the company’s practices.

7. Ezeep

After a German entrepreneur ran out of space at home, he began operating his tech company at a Berlin coworking space. Ezeep offers a cloud-based service for companies that use printers. The monitoring and management system cuts printing expenses while boosting reliability.

8. Instagram

Two men started this tech company at a San Francisco co-working space. They created the Instagram application for iOS in less than two months. Many people began using it to share pictures of themselves or their meals. This app became so popular that Facebook decided to buy the firm. It paid for Instagram with $1 billion worth of stock shares and cash.

Coworking facilities played a major role in the success of these companies. The office space helps startups keep expenses low until they attract investors or significant earnings materialize. Furthermore, this service provides entrepreneurs with great networking opportunities and access to valuable amenities. If you’d like to benefit from an economical coworking membership, please browse our website or contact Bridgeworks Long Beach today.

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