Why “Laptop Friendly” Just isn’t cutting it anymore

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After seeing the science behind the bright, bright future of coworking, it had us thinking: what did people do before coworking spaces? Our research (some good old-fashioned asking around) led us to the conclusion that when one couldn’t work from home – coffee shops, cafés, and “laptop friendly” joints were the move. But as it happens, we’ve evolved. And so just as we don’t dial up for internet, or hit Blockbuster for

Friday night movie nights anymore (RIP), laptop friendly coffee shops are quickly becoming a thing of the past thanks to coworking spaces. These flexible, simple membership workspaces are becoming the preferred option for remote workers, freelancers, telecommuters, and digital nomads worldwide. Quite simply, “laptop friendly” as an office location just isn’t cutting it anymore. Here’s why.

The Cost

We appreciate a well made signature latte just as much as the next caffeine-dependent. But those mocha whipped caramel extra froth delights can surely add up at around $5 a piece. And don’t forget about snacks behind the glass every time you fill up on coffee. For arguments sake, let’s assume you go with the bare minimum, black coffee and a snack on a given work day.

If you’re there 22 working days a month, that’s already $110 per month. Coworking spaces start at just $45 per month, coffee + snacks included (plus much, much more).

The Routine (or lack thereof)

It takes a very special kind of person to maintain a high and consistent level of productivity and quality work when working out of their own home (i.e. not fall victim to the distractions and comforts of home, like Netflix). If you’re the type to work better from a buzzing environment, what’s getting you out the door in the morning to that laptop friendly location?

Coworking spaces give you the routine that you need, but in a flexible environment. The community feel of the office, along with features like 24-7 opening hours will keep you on track, always.

Coworkers versus Customers

Cafés and coffee shops are far from lonely. But what good is sitting at a table next to John Doe, professional dancer, when you could be surrounded by a dynamic group of other remote workers, freelancers, telecommuters, and digital nomads just like you. From social media specialists to programmers and app developers, the chances of finding any advice or expertise you may need within a coworking office are pretty high. Coworking spaces provide more than a flexible office space, they provide a close-knit community feel and a network you can truly identify with. Plus, coffee shop dwellers aren’t always there to get things done.

Laptop friendly locations can be noisy and distracting, which certainly takes a toll on your concentration and quality of work. Coworking spaces on the other hand, are shared by a group of like-minded individuals and motivated professionals who understand the importance of staying productive.

Less stress

One major downside of coffee shops and cafés is there’s no guarantee you’ll even get a table. You may find yourself running around multiple laptop friendly establishments just for a seat…not the best thing for stress levels on morning of a deadline day. Then goodness forbid you need to use the bathroom. Do you risk leaving your laptop out for the taking? Or do you pack everything up with you, use the bathroom, and risk losing your seat?

Coworking spaces guarantee you your space, security of your belongings, plus you have options. Feel free to work in one of the communal spaces or in-house cafés or opt for a private space during crunch time on Friday morning. Plus, forget running around town to print or make copies, everything you need is under one roof when you choose coworking.

Keep me connected

No better way to bring productivity to a screeching halt than spotty Wi-Fi. Most coffee shops and cafés have a relatively small bandwidth, which means when the after lunch rush comes in, your internet is bound to go out.

Electrical connection is also on the top of the list for remote workers when choosing a laptop friendly location. You’ll never appreciate a good outlet more than you will when you need an extension cord to reach one at your local “laptop friendly” coffee shop.

Laptop Friendly…Fraud?

Particularly for digital nomads and remote workers who enjoy taking their work with them on the go, local laptop friendly guides in a new location can be a great resource. But sadly, review guides are more prevalently becoming the product of paid placement by the coffee shops as advertising. They may not always be what they are chocked up to be.

Coworking spaces are a guaranteed reliable workspace—specifically designed with you and your workload in mind. And there’s about 10,000 of them scattered across the globe. So wherever in the world you choose to work from, there’s likely to be a friendly coworking space nearby.

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