The Three C’s of Coworking

Company culture is arguably one of the most important things about a workplace. According to HR Insights Blog, culture is the character and personality at the core of an organization. It’s what makes a company unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes. Organizational culture also contributes greatly to employee happiness and job satisfaction, which can cost a company more than you might expect. With a rising trend of remote working and telecommuting, companies are facing challenges with regard to keeping organizational culture alive and thriving. Lucky for them, coworking spaces have raised the bar in this department – creating a new type of workplace culture which is totally unique, and quite possibly groundbreaking for companies allowing employees to work remotely across continents and time zones.




Every coworking space has a totally unique and authentic vibe. Community managers go to extraordinary lengths to manifest an environment which is creatively inspiring, professionally motivating, stress-reducing, and manifested with a personality perfectly reflective of the people who choose to work there. Bridgeworks for example, has managed to cultivate a chill and beachy vibe parallel to the young surfer community in which it resides, Long Beach LI. The space is specifically tailored to foster this culture while also accommodating the more corporate community of Manhattan with executive suites and conference rooms for rent in a designated part of the campus.


Great coworking spaces know how to build a community. Communal working spaces are great for brainstorming, free coffee, and large conference rooms all available under one roof. What sets the coworking spaces apart from the traditional office space; however, is the cohesion of individuals from a wide range of companies and trades, not to mention backgrounds, skill sets, ages, etc. From finance analysts to graphic design freelancers, this aspect of coworking is what makes it quite possibly the most creatively rich and professionally diverse environment to do work in. It is important to note though, that socializing per se isn’t required or forced. Coworking space members have the freedom and flexibility to choose their level of interaction, with plenty of space on campus and the option of private offices for rent. HBR research found that while it is normal and expected for some people to interact with fellow coworkers much less than others, these members still expressed feeling a strong sense of identity with the coworking space community.


Beyond making new friends and enjoying the social perks of coworking spaces, it is true that many exciting professional endeavors aren’t so much thanks to what you know, but who you know. A little networking can go a long way, especially for those freelancers and independent contractors who are hungry for more work opportunities and professional growth. Access to networking events with other professionals, personal development workshops like time management or stress control, or simply an environment that fosters interaction with professionals of all fields, is an added bonus for remote workers and the companies they work for.


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