Top 9 Reasons to Work in Long Beach NY

Long Beach is a barrier island in Nassau County which boasts proximity to the ocean and it has a wonderful beach. Year round residents and visitors enjoy its boardwalk, shopping centers and great food options. You can also surf anytime of the year in the Atlantic ocean, which is only a few blocks from the Long Beach train station. Long Beach, New York sits just 30 minutes by train outside of New York City. What visitors to Long Beach don’t know is that Long Beach is a great hub for work, it’s an awesome bar town, it has exciting nightlife and provides a great environment for an active lifestyle. Bridgeworks is located just off the Long Beach Bridge, it offers great coworking space & flexible office rentals in the center of town.

1. NYC is only 30 minutes away!

Did we mention transportation? Transport in Long Beach, NY is a breeze. You have access to local city bus transportation that operates all day (even at night). Local taxi services operate year round. You can also use the LIRR to go into the city from Long Beach, NY any day of the week and it’s a straight shot from here. It’s only a 30 minute ride into the city by train. You can also access Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens quickly by train from here.

2. Morning Activity & More

Long Beach is a great place to get your day started, picture waking up and getting some great exercise in the early morning hours. You can go for a run or bike ride on the boardwalk, which has breathtaking sunrise views. If you are into taking it to the gym
in the morning, you can get your workout on at one of more than three gyms in Long Beach.

We have a city sports club and New York Sports Club. If you’re an avid surfer, you can join the locals in the morning on any beach and get straight to surfing. You’ll find some friends out on the water on a daily basis. Later in the day you can kayak in the Long Beach Canals or in the ocean.

3. Coffee & Breakfast

Some mornings you wanna take it slow! No problem! In Long Beach you can get some incredible morning grub accompanied with some excellent coffee. If you prefer a more interesting selection of coffee, you can try Gentle Brew, they offer a diverse selectionCoffee at Long Beach of coffees from regions like Kenya, Sumatra, Colombia and Sumatra. They also offer fresh breakfast options, cold brew and Waffles.

If you like to keep it simple we have two Dunkin Donuts in town and two Starbucks coffee locations. One of our Starbucks locations is right next to the library.

If you are looking to sate a morning sweet binge, we have amazing donuts at Dough Hut of Long Beach. We also have the Waffle Cabin, that boasts some awesome liege waffles. Do you like Bagels? We love bagels in Long Beach we have not one but more than three bagel places in town. There is also Life’s A Bagel which offers a full custom bagel topping selection and Long Beach Bagel Cafe which offers a wide selection of freshly baked bagels and breakfast options.

4. Deli’s & Grocers

Long Beach NY also boasts an incredible selection of local delis that provide everything from freshly cut brisket sandwiches to any groceries you might need. We also have a large Stop N Shop superstore in the center of town for your convenience. We have Brands Delicatessen in the center of town it offers excellent breakfast and lunch options. They do phenomenal omelettes and bagel combos.

Lido Kosher Delicatessen delivers to most locations in town and is only a 5 minute drive from the center of town. They offer an incredible selection of Kosher style deli cuts and chops. Lido Kosher Delicatessen has incredible roast beef, pastrami and corned beef. They also make their own fresh rye bread. Lindell Grocery & Deli is located on the west side of town. They offer all your basic grocery needs and a wide selection of beers. Stop N Shop is located in the center of town and they offer everything you need as far a groceries. This location boasts a large international groceries collection.

5. Neighborhood

Long Beach is a beautiful town you’ll find yourself cruising down the sidewalk/boardwalk on your bike or longboard and getting a glimpse of our historic buildings. In the summer you can tan on the beach or even go for a swim. The locals are super friendly and active so there is always some new exciting activity to participate in. From May through November Long Beach boasts one of the most incredible local farmer’s markets that features produce and goods from all over Long Island and New York State. You’ll have access to Orwasher’s breads, fresh local produce and fruits, and dairy products from Ronnybrook dairy. This is only a sampling of what the town of Long Beach offers.

6. Coworking and Office Space in Long Beach

Working in Long Beach can be extremely exhilarating. Bridgeworks, the community’s coworking and office space currently hosts 70+ companies. Bridgeworks offers:coworking

  • flexible office rentals,
  • full Long Beach offices for rent,
  • coworking space,
  • desks and shared office space.

At Bridgeworks you can get yourself not only fully immersed in the Long Beach lifestyle, but full access to an awesome community of companies and coworkers. It sits not far from the Long Beach bridge.

Bridgeworks gives you the feeling of working on a sprawling Google-like campus. It is a place buzzing with energy and it offers a great environment for startups. Recently a Florida startup company, Ipsidy moved to Long Beach and into Bridgeworks. The Bridgeworks team also offers round the clock support and can get you what you need anytime.

7. Food on the Go

Long Beach also offers a wide selection of great food on the go. We have one of the oldest and awesome pizza joints on Long Island: Gino’s Pizza. It offers a wide selection of pizzas for people on the go. If you come here you must try Gino’s Sicilian slice.We also have Abe’s Pitaria, for greek food, they have a full greek style takeout menu. Abe’s offers excellent gyros. You can also try Tuti Fruti for Frozen Yogurt, they have a full bar of toppings and a self serve section for frozen yogurt.

8. Local Bars & Gastro-Fare

Das Biergarten is a local favorite new bar that opened in Long Beach NY recently. We also have a great number of pubs and local crawls to have a fun time.

If you’re looking for great food and great beer, you can do no better than Brixx & Barley in Long Beach it offers a wide selection of local brew on tap. If you have a soft spot for hard cider they have make their own, and it is great! They also offer an incredible Philly sandwich, great burgers and more.

9. Night Out

If you are looking for a sweet local dining spot Long Beach has you covered. We offer something for everyone. Sorrentos has brick oven pizza served on cedar boards. They make pizza old school style with all the finishings. Lost And Found in Long Beach’s west end offers a Brooklyn style dining experience.

They offer: Flat Iron Steak, Poached Oysters and a Cauliflower bisque. At Grotta di Fuoco you can get the cavern restaurant feel with some delectable italian food. They offer brick oven pizza, specialty pastas and handmade desserts with local made ice cream. At WildFeast in the center of town, you can get wild shrimps grilled and a monkfish burger. At the Allegria hotel in on the boardwalk you can dine at Atlantica and get some drinks by the sea.

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