Types of Office Space for Rent in NYC

Office Space for Rent in NYC

At it’s core, Manhattan is a true manifestation of the American Dream—buzzing with white-collar culture and corporate vibes. It seems only appropriate then, that this city is home to 450 million square feet of office space. Regardless of the type of operation, you’re running, it’s safe to say you have some options for office space in The Big Apple. Here’s the breakdown:

• Traditional, commercial office space

The most common and also most expensive option, is the typical 9-5 grind cubicle style. Corporations with more than a few dozen employees take advantage of the large-scale, high-rise real estate in midtown to accommodate its day to day operations. Coming in at a whopping $6.16/square foot rate per month, compared to say $1.74 in Atlanta, and $1.92 in Dallas though, New York traditional office space is far from cheap, so unless you’re a booming business, you may want to opt for something with a little less overhead.

• Executive suites

These rentable office spaces are for the not so corporate, but with more than one man behind the curtain sort of operation. Small, established companies and teams take advantage of these offices when putting down roots. But similar to the commercial office space, they don’t come cheap; especially in New York, where office space per employee costs an average of $14,800 annually according to Market Watch

• Hot Desk

Increasing in popularity, the New York City “hot desk” is used by professionals who may not need an individual desk on a regular basis, but they like to have the option open. Available on a weekly, monthly or even yearly rent scheme, hot desks are allocated to a professional only when required, and typically operate on a rotating system—so the desk is shared among a few other workers and is great for virtual companies in need of a “real” physical business address, but not necessarily a permanent office. Hot desks can also be found in a coworking spaces, another highly trendy option…

• Coworking Space

These up-and-coming shared office spaces specialize in flexibility, and are perfect for growing startups, remote professionals, and freelancers alike. Coworking offices are fully furnished, 24/7 accessible, and usually rentable by the day, week or month. The great thing about having a membership in a coworking space is the implicit wide domain of options: from private single person offices and bigger spaces for up to six people, conference rooms, event space and casual common areas, you can work your way, every day. All utilities, amenities, and state-of-the-art technologies are included in a simple customized rate, which can always be altered or expanded parallel with your unique needs.

• Niche shared Workspace

Similar to a coworking space, these specialty shared office spaces are typically open 24/7 and provide flexible office space for remote professionals. The difference is, they are geared toward a specific industry or line of work. For example, “The Writers Room” on Broadway has designed a unique space for writers– a “silent sanctuary” as they call it, combatting writers block and providing a community for writers of all genres. Beyond the writing field, these spaces exist across NYC for coders, virtual assistants, artists, freelancers, graphic designers, and marketing gurus. Just as coworking spaces provide networking events, support workshops, and a tight-knit sense of community, these niche spaces are great for taking advantage of perks like this that are tailored specifically for you and your work.

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