What Is Hotdesking?

While many of you will look at the term “hotdesking” and kind of cock your head to the side wondering what it is, the term is more familiar than you think.

Hotdesking is best described as having the ability to work absolutely anywhere. That’s right, anywhere. Instead of having a finite cubicle or desk to work at, hotdesking is essentially having the flexibility to work at any available space for a certain amount of time.

I mean the fact of the matter is that we live in a digital age, which embraces an on-the-go mentality and allows for worker adaptability. Whether you’re a working professional that’s employed by a startup or major corporation, or maybe you’re even an independent contractor that carries out their operation through a co-working space, versatility in how you work has become the mantra.

And speaking of co-working, the concept of hotdesking and the philosophy of co-working are like two peas in a pod. Below are some of the important advantages that are associated with hotdesking…

Embrace Your Newfound Flexibility

When hotdesking, it’s important to recognize how long the project you’re going to be working on will be. Once you determine that, you can figure out how long you’ll need to find a space to work at.

However, the main theme remains the same: flexibility rules everything around me. In terms of where you are choosing to work, your project will help you figure out if you’re going to be working for a couple of weeks, a couple of months or maybe even half of a year.

The idea of embracing flexibility is something that appeals to freelance workers, independent contractors, and startup remote employees. Flexibility will alow you to…

  • Value the time you spend at home with your friends, family and loved ones because your schedule just became a whole lot more clear!
  • Learn how to prioritize your vacations and allotted time off.
  • Allow you the chance to schedule future projects with ease because each current project has a finite timeline that you have to contractually abide by.

Freely Communicate With Like-Minded Individuals

Perhaps one of the most invaluable treasures that come along with hotdesking would have to be the relational fulfillment you can receive by networking yourself with those around you. If you’re someone that’s going to be working out of an alternative workspace, you’ll be completely surrounded by like-minded professionals who are essentially doing the same thing as you.

Each and every one of these individuals are professionals who specialize in specific niches that you may not be accustomed to but may require some consultation on. Communication through hotdesking will allow you to…

  • Communicate with a multitude of individuals who carry out operations on a wide variety of niche-specific industry projects.
  • Allow you to build strong bonds with like-minded professionals, all of which can provide you with a second opinion on something you may be unsure of.
  • Allows you to broaden your overall knowledge while learning contemporary skillsets that you were not capable of pursuing before.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

If there would be any benefit of hotdesking, it would have to be the overall cost-efficiency that’s associated with carrying out such an act. From both a worker perspective and from an operator’s perspective, the amount of money you could save by being a hotdesker is something that pays dividends by itself.

You do not need to pay for more time than you need and you won’t be locked into any specific contract that binds you for an extended period of time.

However, more than anything, the fact that you have access to a vast array of facilities and technological benefits, is something that pays for itself.

  • You’ll have all the benefits of a fully-functioning office space, such as fax machines, printing stations, high-speed internet or even copiers.
  • You won’t be contributing to the ongoing problem of businesses simply wasting space that should be actually filled with workers.
  • You wind up reducing any equipment costs associated with being independent and instead you wind up maximizing your own profits.

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