The Absolute Worst Things About Coworking


With all this hype about the coworking movement and renting shared office space, there really seems to be no downside to this trendy new way of work…or is there? To play devil’s advocate just for kicks, we dug around for some of the negative aspects of coworking.

Here’s what we found:

You need to make your own schedule.

Oh, the agony. One of the prime reasons for coworking’s rise in the modern work world is because it allows for ultimate schedule flexibility. When you’re not forced to be in the corporate office for regimented hours with your day pretty much planned out for you, it’s your responsibility to get yourself into the coworking space and get things done.

Pro-tip: Do some self-observation and pinpoint when you feel most productive. Is at first thing in the morning? Midnight? No problem. Coworking spaces are designed for schedule flexibility and are open 24-7, so you can work when you choose.

You may encounter distractions

Making the transition from cubicle to coworking can certainly be an adjustment when it comes to your surroundings. Coworking spaces are known for their buzzing, vibrant communities and lots going on. While it’s by no means a bad thing to have a social, friendly office and loads of fun to be had, it can still be tricky to stay focused with new office distractions you may not be used to.

If you have a workspace near the kitchen or communal lounge in the coworking space for instance, try using some sound-drowning earphones with productivity boosting music. Or if tunes aren’t for you while you work, bring some ear plugs to drown out any chatter.

Self motivation is a necessity

Unlike the traditional office vibe where your boss is looking over your shoulder or team meetings seem to dominate the day, coworking spaces mean more freedom and less supervision. Plus, if your local coworking space is anything like Bridgeworks Long Beach, where the beach and a buzzing, beautiful boardwalk is just minutes away, work may require just a little extra self-motivation and focus.

Try planning out your day in the morning with targeted, specific goals that need to be accomplished; and reward yourself with short breaks for lunch, a walk to the beach, or time to chat in the common areas of your coworking space.

All new coworkers

Coworking spaces know no borders when it comes to your industry, experience, background, or company. Freelance writers and remote accountants are equally welcome, so be prepared for a diverse bunch of new coworkers. While it will of course be different than working within your own company or alongside your own professional “breed,” we like to still see it as an opportunity to network and learn something new, from a totally unique perspective you probably wouldn’t encounter outside of a coworking space.

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