Five Weird But True Facts About Coworking

Facts about Coworking


Here are some coworking facts that you may not have known about!


1. Nearly half the workforce will try coworking by 2020

With everything going digital, it’s no surprise we’ve seen a huge jump in remote workers and telecommuters over the past decade…And it’s only continuing to grow. By 2020, it’s expected that at least 40% of the workforce will have remote capabilities, and likely move toward coworking.


2. Coworking makes you healthier

Research has proven that coworking space members experience substantially less stress and are significantly more productive than their traditional cubicle counterparts.

Coworking also provides a sense of belonging and community—alleviating a major mental health issues stemming from loneliness and isolation. Simply put, human beings need each other to feel happy and engaged, and coworking gives us that.


3. The coworking trend is good for the economy

Specifically on the local level—for tight-knit communities like Long Beach NY for example, local coworking spaces like Bridgeworks are effectively preserving talent and innovative business ideas within the neighborhood.

Long term, this means less commuting and moving families to NY or other big cities for “more” opportunities. Coworking spaces provide a platform to exercise professional greatness, closer to home.

Local coworking spaces have also become vital players in supporting other local businesses.

This concept is two-fold. First, from local coffee shops and office resources, coworking spaces in a homegrown community gives smaller surrounding businesses huge opportunity for new customers.

Secondly, coworking spaces have become a top choice for startups and entrepreneurs to launch their next big idea—using the affordable, flexible platform of a coworking space as headquarters. Talk about literally supporting small businesses.


4. Coworking spaces aren’t just for remote workers and startups

While a significant portion of coworking spaces are occupied by remote workers, freelance consultants, and small startup teams, you’d actually be surprised to find how many massive corporations are taking advantage of the perks of coworking.

With so many proven benefits like increased productivity, boosted creativity, networking opportunity, increased sense of independence, and schedule flexibility, companies like Buffer and Instagram encourage remote employees to have memberships at a local coworking space.

Taking it a step further, companies like Google have even redesigned office spaces to emulate the coworking layout!


5. Coworking spaces are good for the environment

Not such a weird fact when you break it down: less resources, plus such a wide domain of industries all under one shared roof = less environmental footprint. Coworking spaces are also proven to reduce the number of commuters into big cities and reduce commute time for those who drive by up to 80%!

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