Beyond Startups: Shared Office Space Works


There’s a misconception that exists today in which alternative workspaces are only associated with Silicon Valley startups and “trendy” companies. However, this is a fallacy when you consider some of the primary benefits a shared workspace can provide a company, no matter the size. Believe it or not, co-working spaces are becoming a very popular choice among companies
that exist in some of the largest, most expansive niches.

That’s right, even well-established companies are beginning to benefit from utilizing a shared space for their employees. If you can’t beat them, join them – right? Sometimes the better option is the one that goes against the grain and in this circumstance, that is certainly the case!

We’re not beginning to see companies in the banking and mortgage sector, insurance industry, technology and information technology niche, legal sector and consulting sector, take part in co-working.

Fortune 500 Companies Ditch The Cubicle for Workplace Autonomy

With co-working spaces focusing on making a more corporate push towards gaining a client base, you’re now beginning to see Fortune 500 companies stake a claim in the co-working sector.
Take General Electric for example, a major company that has already begun to house some of its off-site employees in co-working spaces such as WeWorks, across the country. Even some of the largest companies on the planet are beginning to notice that employee happiness, joyful workplace engagement, and creative stimulation are playing a major role in worker retention rates.

Law Firms Are Saying Goodbye to High Rises and Hello to Shoreline Stress-Relief

Even legal firms are now beginning to turn away from the more traditional metropolitan high rise office, and instead are looking at private offices located in areas that have stress-relief. Take the shoreline for example, where co-working spaces have begun to assemble in beach town communities. By providing lawyers and paralegals with a calming and refreshing environment, they can take their high-stress meetings, conference calls and high-profile cases to an area where they can actually hear themselves think. No more hustle and bustle of a city is necessary when you can have the sound of waves crashing in the middle of a deposition.

Private Consulting Has Never Looked So Good To Potential Clients

Sometimes private consultants don’t have an office to work in necessary, more so they float around the offices of the clients that they work with. But now, consultants are turning towards co-working spaces as a means of setting up shop in an impressive environment. With high speed internet, endless WiFi accessibility, an on-site IT staff at your disposal and a beautiful space to call your own without any obligation – it makes you wonder why this wasn’t an option earlier.
Most co-working spaces are so beautiful that all aspects of the facility should impress their clients and provide a suitable work environment.

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