Surviving & Thriving In an Age of Digital Nomadism


We live in an age where more and more individuals are beginning to create their own businesses.
At the same time, workers are beginning to stray from corporate confines and have made
traditional office spaces an outdated concept. When you consider the fact that these settings are
susceptible to “watering hole” drama, cubicle overcrowding and even fruitless work
environments that hinder worker productivity – it is no wonder more professionals are finding
greener pastures elsewhere.

Working professionals should have the option to conduct their business in a setting that enhances
their skillset and fosters efficiency, which is why the co-working movement has become the
future of worker performance. Focusing on community, productivity, networking and comfort,
co-working is a contemporary redeeming feature for the working professional.

What is Co-Working?

Co-working is a concept that emphasizes a collective space shared by working professionals to
conduct their daily operations. Whether this involves independent contractors or employees of
large corporations, the primary objective is to offer a solution from the distractions and seclusion
that freelancers and independent contractors face when working from home.

There are no barking dogs, no sales calls making the phone ring off the hook, no laundry list of household
chores, and most of all, no temptation to indulge in that extended afternoon nap.

Priceless Industry Advice

By cultivating an environment that allows individuals to feel not only more socially connected,
but also more professionally connected, co-working facilities encourage in-house networking
and knowledge sharing. Whether business professionals are across the room from one another, or
right next to each other at the same desk, co-working amongst other forward-thinkers reinforces
word-of- mouth industry advice that can benefit an entrepreneur.

Amenities, Amenities, Amenities…

Although you miss out on the little things like celebrations for your birthday in the conference
room, casual Fridays or Office Space inside jokes, the benefits of co-working exceed any of your
typical expectations. Some co-working spaces have ping-pong tournaments, in-house yoga
regimens, full-scale cafes with espresso machines and working beer taps and even retro arcade
machines. Besides the inclusive free internet service, co-working allows for a working
professional to embrace their playful side while maintaining the equilibrium necessary to remain
focused and successful.

Balancing Work & Life Equally

There is no reason you should not be able to juggle work and play, especially in a digital age.
Co-working is perhaps the best advocate for working professionals looking to live a little more
while still remaining parallel to their professional goals. If you are most productive early in the

morning, or if you are a night owl who does their best work late in the evening, co-working
provides a flexible and family-friendly module. You will have the time to run those errands for
your wife. You will not have to miss your daughter’s first dance rehearsal. You will have the time
to play with your kids. Flexibility is key with co-working, so balancing out life and leisure has
never been easier.

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