Co-Working – Innovative Use of Shared Office Space For Small Business

Shared Office Space For Small Business

Do you remember the days when co-working space was a term that people would use, only to be followed up by a question such as, “What’s that”?

You can call it an alternative workspace, a shared space or just simply what it is: co-working – this concept can provide opportunity and promise for anyone from ground-level entrepreneurs or privately owned corporations.

Not only is it an extremely cost-efficient means of working off-site, but it’s also an investment that practically pays for itself because of the many perks and amenities the confines of each facility contain.

With month-to-month leases, a nonexistent membership fee, no long-term commitment and a plethora of fellow intellectuals that are also working with, and around you, there is no doubt that the cost of your lease is worth the short-term risk.

Plus, where else can you vacate an office space without any complications or bad blood after giving notice? If your answer to that question was “co-working space” then you’re right. If it wasn’t, you need to keep reading!

Coworking Is Easy on the Wallet

Think about it: if you’re uncomfortable, or not in the right financial situation, to commit to a large amount of front money that most properties require, you shouldn’t have to feel disheartened or look at this as the end of the world. This is actually a good thing for you.

Why do you ask? Because businesses are capable of saving almost 75% of their total costs for the year if they choose a cost-efficient, turn-key lease option that falls within their budget.

And what if you have a startup company that only has about fifteen employees or so. Should you test your wallet and purchase a retail space that in actuality is too much room for a small entity? No, just save that money and occupy a workspace that has exactly what you need without having to run up those bills.

Co-working spaces in Nassau County have exactly the remedy: resources and space. If you are realistic when gathering your options then you are taking the first step required to invest in your own business and your own future.

You don’t need a massive office space to be successful, you need something that will suffice and allow for a culture of comfort and productivity to be fostered. This is exactly what an alternative workspace will provide you. At a fraction of the cost, at least do your part and contact your local co-working space if you haven’t. You’ll never know if it’s a more financially conscious option if you don’t try to find out.

Finally, we leave you with some food for thought. Here are some things that any working professional should consider when looking for a co-working space:

  • Expect a very fast and stress-free setup of your new office space if you choose a co-working facility.
  • Most of the furniture, if not all of the furniture that you need, will already be there for you to use right away and power outlets are aplenty.
  • Many co-working facilities are privately owned and have a smaller staff so that interactions are intimate.
  • In many cases the owners are typically active and hands-on, so you have an affordable support staff at your fingertips when you need them. You don’t have a large chain of command where things can get lost in translation.

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