Better Options For Your Office Space

Options For Your Office Space

Choosing your workspace was probably one of the more stressful aspects of finding a work environment that you can succeed in. Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to relax and focus your attention where it matters most: fostering a productive and positive work culture.

There is no better way to do this than to choose better options for your office space. The easier it is to relax in your workspace, the easier it is for you to carry out your daily operations without unwanted stressors.

Let’s face it: if you’re going to be working eight hours a day in an office space, it might as well be comfortable and to your liking. Whether it’s the lighting, the aesthetic of the workspace itself, the climate of the office or the amenities that come along with the property – it’s important to pinpoint the features that are going to make you happiest and your most productive self.

We believe that there is absolutely nothing worse than having worker disengagement or difficulty adapting to your new digs, so the following options are ones to consider when you’ve settled into your office space:

The Right Climate Can Do Wonders For Your Health

You wouldn’t believe the amount of workspaces that I’ve walked into where you needed a jacket or a sweater at all times. And believe it or not, temperature in the workplace is typically one of the more voiced concerns that I’ve seen. Everyone’s chemical makeup is entirely different, so what one person considers cold – another considers warm.

But that does change the emphasis that one should place on the environment in which they carry out their operations in. Part of a supportive work environment is making sure that the weather of the workplace is ideal at all times, primarily because this can have a major affect on your work performance and overall behavior.

  • Make sure that the office’s HVAC system in your space is working to code, emphasizing temperature regulation to it’s fullest extent. You do not want a system that winds up regulating your space instead of the opposite. You should be in control!
  • Be sure to fully utilize the space’s windows to their maximum potential and implement a systematic approach to being more environmentally conscious by installing temperature retaining blinds or curtains.
  • Windows are important because while the temperature can seem a little more chilly than usual in the morning hours, the UV rays from the high noon sun and light during the middle hours of the day can increase temperatures in the office by almost 10 or 15 degrees. Not to mention, workers need Vitamin D!

Focus On Creating A Unique Aesthetic

Your Long Island office space is going to be your home away from home for an average of about four times a week. You would want to make sure that your home is decorated to your preferred stylings, right?

Well, your workspace should not be any different. Fostering creativity and self-expression is a very important aspect for work environments, as it allows for some of the most productive and successful operations.

Whether it’s art, wall hangings, hand-crafted furnishings or an emphasis on natural light, creating that creative aesthetic can do wonders for not only yourself, but for those who work around you and with you.

  • Choose a color scheme that promotes positivity and appreciation for vibrance. If you are near the water, choosing a nautical or beach type of theme will do wonders. The brighter and more balanced the colors of your workspace are, the easier it’ll be to manage relaxation time and productive time.
  • Look into unique wall hangings and pieces of artwork that reflect self-expression and artistic message. Hand-crafted macrame hangings are very popular now a-days and look fantastic on the walls of any office space. By creating that art-appreciative environment when you walk through the door, you give off a very conscious-forward vibe.
  • Hand-crafted furnishings provide employees and employers with a very rewarding and productive work experience. Having the ability to sit down at a hand-crafted table or an artisanal chair is very fulfilling, even if you are only the one utilizing it. It goes to show that you went the extra mile in providing an aesthetic-centric environment.

Focus On Comfort and Ditch The Corporate Vibe

Being stuck in a cubicle is awful and it’s downright confining. The good news is that the standard of what an “office” setting should be, has transformed entirely. Workspaces are now beginning to focus more on an approach of comfort than your typical and traditional office setting where you are regulated to just your designated area.

By allowing for a more free approach to working, you can allow for creative minds to bounce ideas off one another and improve worker retention/camaraderie.

  • Create a designated area where you can grab your laptop, leave your desk and sit down in a relaxing position to work. Some office spaces have rectangle-shaped tables for common space work, others have an area of bean bag chairs that workers can relax on to improve their mental well-being.
  • Look into some of the more innovative means of alternative work furnishings, such as Think Pods. These allow workers to be alongside their comrades, but still have some sense of privacy while being able to socialize. The last thing you want to do is restrict the flow of information or confine someone.
  • Consider getting a ping-pong table or a recreational game where both yourself and workers can take a miniature break when the going gets tough so they can reset their minds. You wouldn’t believe the benefits of this!

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