Top 5 ways coworking improves your workday

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Being a member of a shared office space or coworking space has its list of associated benefits, from reducing stress and boosting happiness, to networking opportunities and social events. When it comes to the the typical daily 9-5 grind though, there are a few specific ways that being a part of the coworking movement can greatly improve your workday. Here are the top five:

1. It increases your focus

When you work in a coworking space, you’re surrounded by a group of professionals who are just as driven and motivated as you are. Forget working from home (i.e. the mother lode of distractions and temptation to do nothing) or telecommuting from a noisy coffee shop where making phone calls is a challenge in itself. Opt for a designated desk in a coworking space for ultimate concentration, or feed off your other coworkers’ focus force in one of the many communal spaces and cafés coworking spaces have to offer!

2. It opens new doors

If we had a dollar for every time someone made a new business connection under this roof…
Lets just say it happens a lot. If you’re a freelancer with room on your plate for new clients, a coworking space is the place to be. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new business partner or some top talent to employ, a coworking space is the community you want to be a part of. If you’re a remote worker or digital nomad looking to make some new friends in the same boat, a coworking space is where the magic happens.

3. It makes your life easier

Need coffee? Video conferencing? Printing? Secure, speedy Wi-Fi and internet connection? A private, uninterrupted workstation? Bridgeworks has your back. The coworking space is also open 24-7 to members, so you can work when you need to. Plus, when you work at coworking space on Long Island instead of making the treacherous commute into Manhattan, you can save yourself up to four hours in travel time each day, not to mention the money you save on that pricey monthly LIRR pass.

4. It puts you in a good mood

Sounds corny, but spend a day in Bridgeworks and you’ll see what we mean. Coworking spaces curate a positive and friendly environment where ideas are shared, friends are made, and work gets done.

According to a 2015 (GCUC) – Emergent Research Coworking Survey by Office Nomads in Seattle, Washington, coworking spaces actually have a direct impact on the emotional health and personal success of employees, thus boosting overall morale. As an added bonus, Bridgeworks is located in one of Long Island’s most vibrant towns: Long Beach, Nassau County. What better way to boost your mood than to have an office by the beach?

Take a walk down to the beach or boardwalk for some seaside inspiration, visit one of the dozens of great local coffee shops and cafés on your lunch break, and choose from dozens of buzzing happy hour hot-spots after a long day of work with your fellow coworkers. #goodvibesonly.

5. It gives you (and your business) room to grow

It’s actually research-proven that coworking spaces in New York are extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs and startups. Working in a coworking office means necessary flexibility, from a real estate standpoint. A growing business should have the physical room to bring on new talent, host team meetings, and present to potential clients.

You may require a just a private desk or two-person office in the beginning, but as your business expands, coworking spaces can accommodate your increasing success with offices suited for five people and conference rooms or executive suites for more. On a more individual level, coworking spaces offer a multitude of opportunities for professional growth. Take advantage of the coworking community’s networking events, professional association membership discounts, guest speakers, and much more.

All in a day’s work at a coworking space!

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