Commuting Versus Coworking

Commuting Versus Coworking

Intel from the Bridgeworks (ex) commuter population

Working in corporate New York City is a dream come true for many – and for those who don’t live in Manhattan, an average 80-minute commute simply comes with the territory. While the Bridgeworks community is a big fan of the Big Apple and it’s rendering of the American Dream, we also are home to quite a few experienced MTA riders, who shared some interesting intel with us when it comes to the daily commute, or should we say #thestruggle.

The Crowds

If you thought NYC’s restaurant and bar scene was popping, imagine the MTA during rush hours, which brings 1.5 million commuters in and out of the city every weekday. To put it into perspective, without commuters, Manhattan’s population would drop from 3.1 billion, to 1.6 billion people. The MTA is the largest transportation system North America, serving a population of 15.2 million people. It covers the 5,000-square-mile area from New York City through Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut.

Are we there yet?

After the hour and a half journey into Penn Station or Grand Central, most commuters require an extra 10-30 minutes on the lovely NYC subway. The average weekday MTA subway ridership in 2014 was 5.6 million. Delays and cancellations aren’t uncommon either.

The Stress

Even if you leave early, you could end up being late some days. Between all the crowds, delays, and the hours you spend on the train — it can still be challenging to be on time. A great way to raise your blood pressure in the AM.

The Cost

The commute is just as rough on your wallet as it is your mental health — and prices for tickets are only seeming to increase. A monthly commuter pass on the Long Beach line is just under $300, and depending on your location (sorry, Suffolk) your monthly could cost over $500 a month.

The Alternative?

With so many companies moving toward virtual offices, flexible work schedules, and telecommuting/remote working opportunities, coworking spaces seem to be popping up everywhere to accommodate. Bridgeworks chose its Long Beach campus location very carefully with commuters in mind. The perfect halfway point between eastern Long Island and Manhattan – just 30 minutes outside the bustle of Manhattan and walking distance from some of New York’s most beautiful beaches. We enjoy making Long Islander’s lives a little easier.

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Bridgeworks is a vibrant coworking space right by the beach on Long Island, NY, offering office space for rent, meeting rooms, networking events and much more. Bridgeworks Long Beach also features countless communal spaces, cafés, lounges and added bonuses like social bikes and ping pong. Corporate NYC commuters and digital nomads alike take advantage of the new creative hub to network, boost productivity, and of course, cut the commute time.

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