Five Tips to Choose the Best Co-Working Space

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Small businesses are on the rise with more people making money out of their garages. Along with a business’ success, comes an entirely new set of challenges. If you’re a small business owner who has watched your business grow from the ground up, you may be unsure of how to transition from a small desk in your spare room to a traditional office space. This is where coworking can step in as the answer to your problem. Coworking spaces make it possible for several small businesses to band together to accomplish their own goals while sharing the same office space. It is the ideal “happy medium” between a virtual office, and a traditional, corporate office environment.

The benefits of coworking are overwhelming, with many small businesses reporting greater success, more motivation, better interaction, and even higher income! To receive the best benefits from coworking, it’s important to choose a space that best meets your needs. No matter how great your business is, a bad coworking space may actually stifle its growth. To give you the tools you need to succeed in finding the best coworking space, we’ve put together five tips to help you choose the right one for your business.

1. Choose a Good Community.

Yeah, I know, when you’re trying to pick a good coworking space, the physical aspects are going to be what catches your eye. But, before you decide based entirely on looks, take some time to consider what the community has to offer. A good community shouldn’t just involve a chance to have lunch together, but also provides opportunities for you to advance your business through partnerships, other business ventures, and collaborations.

Some great coworking spaces offer get-togethers and social events such as casual coffee meetings along with more intense business pitch pow-wows. Your community should give you the chance to develop friendships, gain support, gather information, and develop your business. A sign of a great community is one which offers opportunities for personal and professional growth, like networking events and workshops.

2. Mentoring Options.

Sure, you’ve done great things with your business so far, but you might go even further if you accept help from a mentor. Look for a coworking space that includes business owners who have gone ahead of you and can help you manage any hurdles you’re likely to encounter. Coworking incubators are one way to use a larger business’ funds, equipment, technology, and services along with their guidance and mentoring.

3. Consider Furthering Your Education.

The more knowledge you possess; the more power you have to succeed. So far, you’ve been operating within your area of expertise and understanding—if you want to keep moving forward, it’s important to keep broadening your scope of knowledge. To get the best results from a coworking center, choose one that offers the educational opportunities you need to keep growing your business. Some of these education options include classes that go over new technologies and workshops about certain areas of expertise. Sometimes educational opportunities are one-time events or several weeks of classes.

4. Look Beyond the Amenities.

Co-working areas are doing everything possible to draw in growing businesses – including some really wild amenities such as nap areas, welcoming pets, exercise centers, and fantastic snack options. No matter how great a work center may seem, don’t be blinded by all the perks and goodies.
A coworking space isn’t your final destination; instead, it’s simply a stepping stone toward greater things. Rather than focusing on the fun perks, seek out a center with infrastructure and resources that will help both you and your business succeed. Focus on important things like the roads around the area, power and internet connections, local high-quality schools for your kids, and a welcoming neighborhood to live with.

5. Other Businesses with Similar Goals.

If you want to get the greatest benefits from your co-working experience, it’s important to choose a space that is surrounded by other businesses heading in the same direction. Choose a space that offers a strong community with others who want to succeed and have similar goals for their businesses. Energy is everything, and a coworking space atmosphere buzzing with hungry entrepreneurs and progressive young businesses is motivating in itself!

A co-working space is a fantastic chance to progressively move your business forward while gaining the tools you need to empower yourself and grow your company. Use the tips listed above to help you choose the coworking area that’s best for you and can help you achieve your business goals.

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