The Coworking Concept – As seen in some of the world’s coolest companies

From traditional cubicles, to cocoons built for napping (Google), there are millions of office spaces around the globe, each with their own individual style. But not all work spaces are created equal—while some tend to be stifling and dull, others are designed specifically to bring out the best in employees, boosting morale, sparking creativity and ensuring productivity. We’ve highlighted some of the coolest aspects of a few awesome companies that are doing it…lets just say, better than most.


Evernote’s headquarters is designed strategically to reflect their company culture: productive, open, collaborative, and comfortable. A simple, flexible architectural plan with a variety of open spaces and private areas alike, allows large teams to collaborate, smaller teams to “break out”, and individuals to have privacy and solitude when needed.

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Dtac’s office design approach takes ‘playful’ to a new level. There’s an entire floor (out of 22), dedicated to games with indoor soccer, table tennis, running track, and concert spaces.

The “Conversation Pit” and “Picnic Table” were built to encourage casual group meetings and thinking. As if the space couldn’t get anymore awesome, lets not forget the open terrace overlooking Bangkok’s incredible skyline.

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There’s a rule at Google that nobody is allowed to be more than 100 meters away from food, so you’ll find kitchens everywhere, as well as an awesome cafeteria where every employee is fed three times a day, all on the company tab. Some would say the Zurich office is too big for walking, but that’s why they added slides and fireman poles around the building for easy (and fun) transportation.

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This six-year-old rookie company recently partnered with design firm, Gensler, to create a new office space that “feels like a 3D version of the app,” according to an Instagram spokeswoman. The company also worked alongside Hollywood set designer to make colorful creation space for taking photos.

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While it may not be the easiest thing in the world to land a job with Google or Instagram, it doesn’t mean you can’t work in an office environment equally as innovative and cool. What all these offices have in common is that they show distinct parallels with the modern and trending concept of coworking spaces.

The Coworking Concept

Whether it be a 5-person startup, or a fortune 500 corporation, teamwork and constructive collaboration are absolutely necessary in long-term company success. Coworking spaces worldwide are mastering the art of communal spaces and workplace freedom. In fact, the coworking concept in itself is a manifestation of workplace flexibility—accommodating solo freelancers and corporate teams alike in a positive, cooperative environment. Individuals in coworking spaces, just like individual employees in corporate offices, have the upmost flexibility when deciding where and how to carry out his or her respective responsibilities. Choose between working in an open communal space perfect for brainstorming sessions, a cozy on-campus coffee shop, or a private office for ultimate focus. The choice is yours.

Coworking spaces around the globe, similar to the most innovative, unique companies, offer some pretty amazing perks—like workout equipment and social bikes to get blood flowing, or ping pong tables and bean bag chairs to encourage high energy and playful creativity. Nearly all of them will feature cafes, coffee shops, and kitchens too, to tickle your dining fancy.


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