Flexibility in the Workplace: What is the Role of your Business?

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Now, more so than ever, the corporate world is faced with adapting to the times and challenging the traditional principles of labor to hold on to valuable employees. A whopping 41% of employees have declared that Quality of Work Life (QWL for short), ranks as the most important criteria at work, and yet 3 million working citizens are still affected by professional burnout. It is for this reason that flexibility and individualization are at the heart of corporate culture strategies and at the core of human resource policies.

So what can you do to increase autonomy and flexibility for your workforce and ensure happy employees, without compromising company results? In order for your business to succeed in adapting and adjusting its relationship to the workplace, a few areas for improvement must be taken into account.

Collaboration is everything

Cubicles are now a primitive practice in the HR world. Offices are no longer serving the traditional purpose of simply having a place to work. People need to interact, exchange, share, and collaborate as a team. Create a work environment to refocus purpose accordingly—break down barriers, promote consistent constructive communication, and most importantly, a team spirit.

Increase Autonomy

In order to achieve flexibility for employees, it is strongly suggested to provide flexible work scheduling policies where workers can choose from where they would like to work. Work from home policies are nothing new, but they may arguably be outdated, as the hindrances to productivity and collaboration are spoken for in the data alone. There is an alternative though, working remotely in an office of your company’s choice—a local office rental in a coworking space, which brings us to this next point…

Reducing commute time!

An estimated 1 million plus hours are lost in traffic jams and public transportation glitches.

Working remotely can also mean working closer to home in a shared office space rental, like a coworking space. This option allows employees to collaborate, while networking with local individuals from other companies, backgrounds and fields. Not only would they be reducing commute time and stimulating themselves socially, but squashing the possibility of workplace boredom with a healthy change of scenery, AND maintaining an improved work-life balance by keeping work closer (but not inside) their home.

Innovative is the new creative

According to a leading workplace management organization, “workplaces are now being populated and even dominated by creative people, managers who have come out of Generation Y, as well as by nomads.” Companies should now, more than ever, invest in innovation to move forward. Integrating new technologies and smart use of data will give your top talent room to flourish professionally.

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