From Shared Spaces to Hot Desking: New Work Trends in the Corporate World

Shared Spaces

When it comes to office space, change is in the air. Conventional offices and the lengthy leases that accompany them can’t keep up with the needs of modern businesses. Thankfully, shared office spaces and hot desking is on the rise. But what’s a fad (fidget spinners) and what’s here to stay?

Hot Desk + Shared Space = Office work on your terms

First, let’s define these terms. Shared offices or coworking spaces are a mix of traditional private offices, conference rooms, open areas for collaboration, and amenities like cafes and media centers all located under one roof. They’re utilized by corporations, small businesses, start-ups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The best part is flexibility; most coworking spaces offer day passes and other short term rental options. Think AirBnB for a weeklong vacation versus signing contracts that require the blessings of bankers and lawyers.

Hot desking, or temporary desk rentals and shared office spaces go hand in hand. When you arrive at a coworking space like Bridgeworks, you’ll have access to a desk and top of the line office amenities, 24/7. Whenever you wrap up for the day, that desk will be available to another member of our community.

Hot Desking in a Traditional Corporate Office Space

If you do a quick Google search you’ll learn plenty about corporations pushing hot desking in order to save money by reducing the square footage of their offices. This is especially true in cities like New York and San Francisco where leases are lengthy and ridiculously expensive. The benefit for corporations is pretty obvious: cost savings. It allows them to get by with smaller office space since there are no “assigned seats”.

Unfortunately, the lack of permanent space in a traditional corporate office frustrates most employees who work at the same address day in and day out and need to collaborate with the same people on a regular basis. Running around trying to figure out where your coworker is sitting that day is a waste of time. Most corporate employees prefer, and are accustomed to their own permanent space – one with family photos and a spot for that coffee mug with a witty quote about how Monday’s suck.

Hot Desks at Coworking Spaces

At coworking spaces the vibe is entirely different. These shared office spaces cater to the flexibility of coming and going when you want, 24/7. We know you don’t need a physical desk and address in the same place for months or years on end. This makes hot desking a perfect solution. You have to ability to rent physical and private office space which comes with a legitimate business address, but only when you need it.

You can hold conferences, meet with clients, and collaborate based on your unique needs. Shared office space membership at Bridgeworks is based entirely on what works for you – from a day pass here and there, to a week at a time, or a month-to-month membership. This makes an assigned desk obsolete. We’ve also seen first hand the added bonus of teams, freelancers, and solopreneurs across industries working side by side and stepping up their game by naturally networking in their downtime.

If you want to learn more about renting shared office space or hot desking on Long Island, swing by for a tour.

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