What Is An Executive Suite?

You could have an enormous Fortune 500 company or even a small tech startup, but one thing isn’t going to change: managing your financial options for office space. With the way the economy is currently trending and with rising market prices for office space, it helps to be smart and cost-efficient at the same time if its possible.

One of the more innovative solutions that companies have been turning to within recent years is the executive suite, a fully functioning work environment that stands at only a fraction of the cost of your conventional run-of-the-mill office space.

Opening Your Eyes To The Executive Suite

The executive suite is an office property that provides tenants with a smaller portion of office space compared to when you purchase commercial real estate outright. However, although it may be smaller in terms of size comparison, the trade off is the perks in which you receive.

The executive suite tends to provide clientele with a very vast array of shared pleasantries that some office spaces do not typically contain. Some of these benefits would be guaranteed conference rooms, designated congregation areas or gathering rooms, furnished floor plans and so much more!

And like we mentioned before, the best part of all is that the aspiring entrepreneur is able to lease this space for significantly less money than any real estate purchase, which marks a monumental event where a smaller office provides bigger perks. Some of the other perks of the executive suite include…

  • The ability to sign a lease that is either 6 months, 12 months, or even year and a half’s time if you are in it for the longer haul.
  • Completely unique furniture craftsmanship and office decor, that includes outfitted stylistic themes, incorporated high-speed internet, and telephone answering services.
  • Included mail services that provide clientele with a mailing address.

Making the Decision with a Clear Head and Swallowed Pride

In spite of the fact that owning your own office space could be considered your quintessential example of living the dream itself, it isn’t necessarily the most fiscally concerning idea.

If there is some way that you can possible alleviate yourself of any mechanical concerns, office administration needs, support costs and expensive furnishings, I suggest that this is an option you take advantage of. Don’t worry, just because the space isn’t outright owned by you, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of completely calling it your own.

In fact, most executive suites permit personalization the same amount of as any customary office space would.

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