The Four Reasons Every Office Needs a Coffee Bar

Let’s face it: even the most motivated of individuals sometimes have a hard time staying locked in on their work.

It’s not necessarily because they’re bored with what they do or because they’re unmotivated to carry out their operations – it’s more so that staring at that computer screen for “x” amount of hours a day can totally feel demanding even if it isn’t.

For this reason, we believe that it is imperative that every single office should have its own coffee bar as a means of getting that much needed caffeinated jolt of energy to keep everyone locked in and ready to go. Caffeine is the answer during those slow days at the office, so here are five reasons as to why every office needs its own caffeination station.

Saves You More Time In the Morning and Throughout The Day

Perhaps the best part of having a coffee station at your place of work would have to be the amount of time someone could save by getting and having their coffee at work. You won’t have to worry about those long lines at Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks in the mornings anymore!

You can simply walk out the door, get in your car, go to work and then have your cup of coffee without any type of a hassle or delay. Wouldn’t you like to save yourself from having to stay an extra twenty minutes a day because you’re late?

Encourages A Friendly and Sociable Watering Hole

We all know that the kitchens and break rooms of most office settings are what serve as the proverbial watering hole of any space. However, the important of this specific area goes beyond the lunches that take place and the stories that are shared.

In fact, having a coffee station encourages co-workers and clients alike to have a designated area in which they can grab their poison of choice for the day and also learn more about each other while doing so.

No Need to Worry About Misspelled Names or Mistakes

I know we’ve all gone through this before, but tell me the barista at Starbucks hasn’t spelled your name wrong at least twice to three times in your life? Or maybe someone behind the counter forgot to put enough sugars in your coffee! Or let’s get even crazier and say that maybe you even picked up the wrong drink without knowing.

Well, with a coffee bar in your office, you are the one that dictates how much of what goes into your coffee and it would be nearly impossible to pick up the wrong cup in doing so. The coffee station at your place of work could also be a little bit of an escape to get crazy and find which coffee works best for you.

A Fiscally Responsible Move

The worst part about grabbing a coffee before you reach work every single morning is the amount of money you are going to spend per week on that coffee. It can add up extremely fast because all of those seven or eight dollar macchiatos will eventually begin to take a toll on your wallet when you least expect it.

With a coffee station at your place of work, you won’t have to worry about being charged that extra shot of espresso, you won’t have to worry about being given a piece of your mind by any unruly employees, and most of all, you get to walk out of that room without a dollar being spent!

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