Coworking Spaces vs. Conventional Cubicles

Why Coworking Spaces are Winning in 2019

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Coworking spaces nowadays are taking over the conventional office atmosphere — and looking at the facts, it’s not hard to see why. What sets coworking spaces apart from your average office? Here’s a quick look at the numbers and statistics on coworking, and the reasons why more freelancers, independent contractors and businesses of every size are migrating towards these innovative shared office spaces.

Coworking Statistics

  • Less than a decade ago, the term “coworking” was completely unknown. Now, there are over 1 million people across every industry occupying coworking spaces around the world.
  • The growing number of freelance workers, startups, and other forms of independent contractors is on the rise: this number hit 53 million over the past year, and within that number includes 2.8 million independent business owners and entrepreneurs. The generation of “nomad workers” that has now entered the workforce is set to change the way businesses operate — to do that, they need a place to work. Starbucks doesn’t always cut it.
  • Studies show that corporations are slowly but surely fading out, and young, tech-savvy, innovative entrepreneurs are coming onto the scene. Back in 2014, approximately one third of the average corporation’s employees were on a per-project or contractual rate. Since then, that number is up to about 45%.
  • Furthermore, the new wave of entrepreneurs has chosen wisely when it comes to hiring — at the last count, employees of startups were mostly comprised of freelancers and independent workers including freelance writers, artists, SEOs, web designers and more.

Shared Office Space Summary

Setting the numbers aside, the social aspect of coworking spaces is alluring to so many entrepreneurs for endless reasons. One of the most enticing is the ability to network, make connections, and establish long-lasting relationships with potential business partners and collaborators. When you’re stuck in the conventional cubicle, it’s a tough and risky task to chat about your next great venture with your colleague who is more than likely to run and tell your boss. When you’re working in the freedom of a great coworking facility, that person you chat with might become your next investor or partner.

To sum it up, coworking spaces help anyone who believes in turning their passion into their career. These flexible work environments let today’s entrepreneurs thrive, connect, and work smarter. The cubicle always seemed like a dead end to many of us, and now, the numbers prove it.

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