Finding a Professional Meeting Space Without a Long-Term Reservation

In large cities like New York, finding anything on short notice is almost impossible. Hotels rooms, Broadway shows, airline tickets, upscale restaurants, and conference rooms all require reservations to be made weeks or even months in advance.

Even when you are able to plan that far out, there is no guarantee that you won’t suffer a cancellation or need to reschedule.

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you may not have a permanent office space, never mind a comfortable conference room wired for media presentations and furnished with whiteboards and other amenities.

Conducting job interviews, meeting with your team for brainstorming sessions or making client presentations all demand a professional, clean and well equipped meeting space. But finding one on short notice can be nearly impossible, and if you do find an appropriate space, you will likely have to pay premium rates.

Finding an Affordable Professional Meeting Space on Short Notice

The good news is that you don’t have to make do by holding your meeting in an echo-y warehouse, noisy coffee shop or restaurant, or pricey hotel. Shared workspaces that offer monthly plans for regular members often rent out conference rooms that are well equipped and wired for media presentations in a professional and well-lit setting.

Some questions you should ask yourself before looking for a meeting space include:

  • What is your desired date, time of day, and length of your meeting?
  • Do you need to meet in the city, or can your members commute to a location farther out?
  • How many people will attend your meeting, and what type of seating arrangements will you require?
  • What type of equipment will you need? (Phone, projection screen, whiteboard, wifi, TV or other equipment).
  • Do you need/want to provide food and/or beverages?

Knowing exactly what you want, and what constitutes a deal-breaker, will help you find the best meeting space to suit your particular needs.

Conference Rooms for Rent on Long Island

Bridgeworks on Long Island offers affordable meeting spaces that are clean, professional, convenient and available on short notice. We maintain high quality, well-lit, furnished, and equipped spaces for one-time rentals or monthly meetings. Our offices are conveniently located near public transportation that makes commuting from the city a breeze.

Contact us today to schedule a tour, and see why more and more entrepreneurs rely on Bridgeworks to meet their workspace needs.

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