What is an Executive Suite, and Is It Right for Your Business?

In the early stages of getting your business off the ground, saving money on office space by working from home or holding meetings in public spaces, like libraries or coffee shops, makes a lot of sense.

You probably have a limited budget, and despite a well-thought-out business plan, you cannot be absolutely sure how quickly your business will grow, or what the demand for your product or service will be.

Once you start to gain some traction, however, you may feel the need to project a more professional image by having an official office space to conduct business. The problem is, in the early stages, you may not be ready to commit to a long-term lease that locks you into a permanent location.

The Advantages of Executive Suites

An executive office suite provides a convenient solution for today’s business models. Since most business today is conducted online, giving you and your team the flexibility to work remotely, your business may not require a permanent location where you all converge to meet each day.

Moreover, for many businesses, the high overhead of a traditional leased office space is difficult to justify, and it can make a huge crater in your bottom line. An executive suite is a rented office workspace that meets the needs of many businesses without demanding a lot of overhead.

Some features of an executive suite include:

  • Flexible terms: Increase or decrease your level of membership, and the amount of space and amenities you need from one month to the next. Most executive suites are rented on a month-to-month basis.
  • Wifi, cleaning and utilities: When renting a traditional office space, many new business owners fail to factor in the additional expense of keeping the lights on, paying for wifi and keeping the place spic and span. Up front deposits for wifi and utilities can wipe out your discretionary cash reserves, and a regular cleaning service can be costly. With an executive suite, wifi, utilities and cleaning are all covered by your monthly membership fee.
  • Office equipment, furniture, and media and conference rooms: Most businesses only use conference and media rooms on an occasional basis, and furnishing an office to make it appear professional and inviting can cost a small fortune. With an executive suite, attractive furniture and decor is provided, and you share rarely used meeting spaces, printers, and casual spaces like reception areas and kitchens, with other businesses. Plus you have access to an industrial printer with a certain number of B&W or colored copies per month, all included in your monthly plan.
  • Individual mailbox and on-site parking: Having a physical business address other than your home address gives your business the patina of professionalism, and having a designated parking space is an added plus.
  • Opportunities for networking, socializing and mentoring: Sharing a space with other business owners like yourself can open doors and provide opportunities that would be impossible when working on your own, and the added social element provides a welcome distraction when you need to take a break.

Executive Suites on Long Island

If you want the convenience of working close to NYC without the congestion, traffic and parking issues of Manhattan, Bridgeworks has a solution to meet your business needs. Work near the beach, with easy access to public transport when you need to visit the city.

We’ll even provide a place to store your surfboard! Contact Bridgeworks today, and see how convenient and affordable an executive suite can be for your business.

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