Conventional Office vs Shared Workspace: Which is Right for You?

Whether your company is big or small, running and growing a business often requires some risk-taking along the road to success. But while large established businesses can afford to take a gamble now and then, startups and small businesses often have limited resources, and risky decision-making can lead to disaster.

One critical decision often faced by startups is finding an affordable office space in Long Island that meets the company’s needs. New businesses are often launched from home, where limited workspace and busy family life collide. Working from a coffee shop or library is not much better, as distractions and interruptions prevent you from concentrating on your business. Sooner or later, if your business is going to succeed, you need a professional workspace where you can get things done. But can your company afford the risk of signing a conventional long-term lease?

Advantages of Shared Office Space

One way to get the office space you need without going broke or getting locked into a long-term lease is to become a member of a co-working community. Co-working spaces give you the professional environment you need to accomplish your goals without excessive overhead costs or long-term commitments. A co-working space provides an ideal solution as your business transitions from a fledgling startup to an established brand.

Some advantages of a co-working space include:

  • Low initial cost: A conventional lease may require a substantial deposit and a years-long commitment. Moreover, you may need to do costly renovations, pay for office furniture, and pay business rates for wifi, phone, water, cleaning and more. With a co-working membership, your startup costs will be minimal, and membership includes utilities and other amenities.
  • Attractive well-lit workspace: When you rent a conventional office space, you get bare-bones walls and carpeting, and little else. Making four drab walls look appealing and professional can cost a lot of money. A shared workspace provides an attractive and professional work environment that you can be proud of.
  • Quick and easy setup: Once you become a member, there is little more to setting up your business workspace than showing up with your computer and files. No need to worry about setting up phone lines, wifi and other utilities. Everything you need is already set up, so you can just plug in and get to work.
  • Amenities included: Co-working spaces offer desirable amenities at no extra cost, such as water, restrooms, wifi, printers , FAX, and even a kitchen and break room area where you can stash your lunch and grab a cup of coffee.
  • Flexibility: One of the most popular advantages of a co-working membership is flexibility. If you started off with too much or too little space, you can always change your membership type to meet your specific needs.
  • Networking opportunities: Sharing a co-working space gives you exposure to other business owners like yourself who are working to realize their dreams. Build relationships, get business leads, and benefit from the experience of others as you work side-by-side in a community workspace.

Executive Suites in Long Beach

If you are on Long Island and looking for office space, Bridgeworks Executive Suites in Long Beach has a membership package to meet your needs. From a small private workspace where you can concentrate, to a full-fledged office suite to house your entire team, we have solutions to meet your business needs. Schedule a tour today, and discover why co-working spaces at Bridgeworks offer the ideal workspace solution for your business.

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